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My children are the source of my inspiration to create Happi Foods. My girls were born with server eczema and i cured them through food elimination cutting out all processed foods and only using natural ingredients. Through seeing how Food was like magic in curing there skin we made huge lifestyle changes over the years as a family. This led me to find new friends who were eating in a way called Raw Foods. Raw foods is food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade which would normally destroy the enzymes and good stuff. I began to add in Raw foods. I was making snacks, smoothies with lots of greens such as water cress and spinach and more. As time went on i started having so much fun creating amazing tasty dishes only using uncooked veggies, fruits nuts and seeds.The Raw burritos are our favourite, they are delicious. The benefits of eating this way were incredible. I began to grow younger people would say “wow Mariesa you look amazing” “how do you have so much energy?” My energy indeed increased, i was waking up earlier with a clear mind and focus for the day. I lost excess weight, all my cravings for bad foods decreased, my skin was glowing and i began to feel in tune with my body and mind. It all started with small changes that led to a whole new lifestyle, this way there was no pressure it wasn’t like jumping into a faddy diet this was very different. I am so grateful to have found this way of living as we are enjoying life to the max and now i get to share this with you too.

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